We work with a private lender who has a starkly different view from the finance industry, on how to assess a person’s financial viability. As a result, this lender does not require a credit check or any engagement fees.

Our buyers are fully aware of our policies and commitment to ensuring that vendors are made viable and acceptable offers. We make a formal appraisal of the property in order to establish its market value, and do not tolerate or engage with buyers that seek to make opportunistic offers

We access publicly available information regarding court cases in which the claimant is a mortgage lender, and the respondent a home owner. We then deploy people tracing tools in order to identify the respondent named in the case. We are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and fully compliant with the ICOs requirements on Data Protection and GDPR.

Call the number listed in the letter and a member of the team will arrange a home visit at your earliest convenience. A team member will attend your property to do an appraisal in a manner in line with the government’s recommendations regarding Covid-19 precautions. We will then establish comparable prices and the market value of your property. Once this is done we will present you with offers from our panel of cash buyers if you wish to sell. If you are applying for a loan, we will refer the information to our finance partners who will take you through the application process. Regardless of the course of action you wish to take, we commit to completing the process within 24 hours of the home visit.

Bankruptcy is a difficult matter and requires specialist attention. We work with professionals that specialise in Bankruptcy which has seen us assist many home and business owners annul their bankruptcies and corporate insolvencies. 

We have in-house probate specialists that work closely with a number of law firms across the UK which specialise in Probate matters. These companies share in our belief that sensitive matters such as Probate can be done in an effective, considered and time-efficient manner. Please ask to be transferred to our Probate Department when you make contact with us.

We have significant experience in dealing with a wide array of issues that arise from leasehold properties. Please ask to speak with our Leasehold Team wen you make contact with us.

We deal with property matters that arise out of the dissolution of marriages and partnerships of all types. We have the sensitivity and possess the willingness to deploy the attention to detail that each unique case requires, in order to process cases in a equitable and transparent manner. We are not daunted by the requirement to such work against the backdrop of pressure from mortgage lenders.

There are a number of ways to approach matter s in which there is more than one person with a direct interest in a property, or more than one beneficiary of the property. We will work with you and the information available to identify those that need to be contacted, and should other legal avenues need to be pursued if the other party or parties are unresponsive or non-compliant; our legal specialists will take you through the necessary processes required to resolve the matter.

We have dealt with many cases in which the owners did not believe that anything could be done to help them. Please make contact with us and allow us to do the work required to resolve your matter, regardless of the misgivings that you may have about your property or financial situation. 

We approach each case on its own merits. Every homeowner is different and each situation that they are facing is unique. We do not believe in having a a set approach and will work with you to identify and achieve an outcome that you are happy with. We ask that you tell us what you would like to achieve, and we will work towards realising that for you. Our buyers are all experienced enough to realise that unless you are happy with their offer, you will not come to an agreement with them. This means that there is flexibility according to the demands of our homeowners, and the abilities and resources of our buyers.

The financial industry in the UK fails those that do not fit into pre-prescribed norms and industry standards. This system does not give homeowners the time or respect that they deserve, nor does it seek to truly understand and cater for individual circumstances. Regardless of your credit status, we can help. Please call us so that we can discuss your specific situation in more detail.

Communication is an important part of the work we do and we have often been the point of contact for families in situations where all information was not previously forthcoming. Please make contact with us so that we can agree on the best way to proceed with your case.

Our business thrives because of our ability to respond to time-sensitive issues. Even if an eviction is scheduled for today, we can help and have customarily help to stop evictions on the same day that home owners make contact with us.

We often deal with cases in which there is a mortgagee in possession. Mortgage Lenders are more and more aggressive once they take possession of a property and we would be happy to resolve such matters for any homeowner facing them.

We levy a 2% agency fee (2% of the sale price) at the point of completion. 

We do not publicly advertise any property. We work with a number of institutional and individual buyers that have the infrastructure in place to purchase property in a timely manner.

We are not currently seeking more buyers. The buyers that we have currently have been vetted and we have worked with for a number of years. These buyers fit in with our principles and beliefs of how people should be treated, and value integrity, transparency and honesty. We do not currently have the capacity to onboard new buyers, or to risk our relationship with homeowners by onboarding new buyers.