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We are here to help you sell regardless of your situation

We have access to a private and independent panel of cash buyers, that can exchange contracts with you by the end of the working day, and complete a purchase within 72 hours.

If money needs to be released upon exchange of contracts to your Mortgage Lender in order to stop a repossession, we are on hand to ensure that this takes place.
We pride ourselves in offering a complete service from an appraisal of your property, to helping you achieve a price that you are happy with, providing assistance (should it be required) throughout the conveyancing process, and even securing new accommodation, relocating and storage

Sell your house from the comfort of your own home:

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Should you wish to proceed to a sale after your appraisal, you will receive offers by the end of the working day. All of these offers are open to negotiation and we will negotiate with the buyers until you are happy with both the price, and the terms of the sale.