We are a specialist firm that has been formed out of first-hand experiences with repossessions at the hands of mortgage lenders. We are now able to use our experience, expertise and our network to facilitate the sale of property in time sensitive circumstances.

We are passionate about assisting our clients regardless of whether they are dealing with an imminent repossession, an unresolved estate, aggressive trustees that have been appointed subsequent to a bankruptcy, an order of sale due to a recent divorce. 

How can we help?



If you are facing the possibility of loosing your home to your Mortgage Lender, HMRC, Bankruptcy Trustees or the CSA., do not worry, we can help.


Business Owners

If you own a business and are currently in danger of insolvency, loss of business assets or other financial stress then AX365 have a solution to help.

We also offer loans

Some of our clients have no intenton of selling, and for those people we have numerious finance options available.

Our personal and professional experiences have given us insight into the pressure that one is under when faced with the threat of losing their property.

 We can bring these insights to bare on each and every contact we have with members of the public that are experiencing litigation with their mortgage lender or bankruptcy trustees

Regardless of the nature of the threat that your home is facing, once you engage with us we will provide you with the support that your individual circumstances require.

We pride ourselves on being able to help homeowners find a solution and help clear their debt and more importantly help them carry on with the next chapter of their life, by securing a swift sale at an agreeable price.

Waiting for a buyer on the open market through an estate agent can be a long and unpredictable process. During this time, the stress can often mount as the debts continue to pile up, and pressure from Mortgage Lenders, Courts and Trustees increase.

Please make contact with us allow us to help you through the challenges that you are facing.

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